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I am so glad we have written down on paper patterns available to us. I just picked my Lintilla back up and I forgot to do one increase at the end of the last ruffle I was doing two times. At least it doesn’t look too obvious. It just makes the end of the eighth ruffle a little less rounded than the others. With the help of the pattern, I was able to refresh my memory for the other ruffles though.

Lintilla Shawl in progress. I might have to make Miku one in this scale just because it looks so cozy.

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I have discovered that Miku makes a wonderful yarn holder to keep my yarn cakes up and out of the way. She also makes a convenient place to store my WIP while making it appear fashionable so I don’t have to put the yarn and project in and out of my knitting bag all of the time. I am sure the project is going to be far too big for her very quickly, but she looks so cute in it right now that I couldn’t help myself!

I am working on the tenth ruffle right now and I have promised myself that I wouldn’t weigh my yarn ball until I hit the fifteenth ruffle. I have no idea how many increase ruffles I am going to get, but I’ll be able to get a gauge measurement for you guys soon just in case anyone likes my outcome and wants to mimic it.

My morning so far: matchy-match Unicorn frappe and a Pomeranian that wants a treat.

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The only other news that happened since Wednesday is that I did give in to getting and trying the Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappe. By sheer coincidence, I managed to match it and get a sugar rush from it at the same time! I coudn’t finish it at the end because it got super sour. I don’t know what I did to make it that way (my fiance said his wasn’t super sour, but I did give mine a stir halfway through) but other than that, it was pretty good. I will never ever be tempted to get it again. I would be more likely to get something off of the Secret Menu or get my all time favorite drink: a simple Matcha Latte.