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I’ve been making a very concentrated effort at knitting my Lintilla this weekend. There are two weeks before Maryland Sheep & Wool and I’ve been toying with the idea of having my Lintilla done in time to wear it. The weather seems to be doing the warm/cold every other day nonsense this spring, so there is a 50/50 chance that it will be too warm to wear it or just the right temperature to wear it.

Working toward the last few increase ruffles on my Lintilla shawl.

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I am enjoying how the Chroma Twist is knitting up. I didn’t think the ball would have that much of a variation between depth of colors since my ball didn’t have any of the white plies match up, but there is a drastic difference when it is knit up. Especially now that I’ve hit the dark grey part. There is no question that this is Dear Diary. It is just more marled than the straight Chroma Fingering would be and I think that makes it really nice to look at. It looks different both close up and farther away.

I am also glad that my ruffles are looking ruffly. I was worried at the beginning that the ruffles weren’t really ruffling well. At first, I was willing to blame that on the gauge making it drape too much, but the original was knit at a looser gauge too so I couldn’t really blame it on that. Luckily, it just turned out that ruffles ruffle better with more ruffles knit. The last time I measured my skein I was sitting around 52 grams, so I am nearly at the decreasing point. I can probably get two to four more ruffles in the increasing section.