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The only bad thing about being a semi-monogamous  knitting blogger is that I always feel a bit bad when I’m not posting something new and shiny for each post. I feel like I am letting my readers down because even if I find my knitting exciting, I feel like showing you the same thing every time isn’t really that exciting to read about.

Lintilla in progress in natural light. I think this is my favorite section so far.

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After all, there is only so many times I can gush over how well Chroma Twist in Dear Diary is knitting up. I am twenty ruffles into the shawl now and the grey just keeps getting darker and darker. It is knitting up really well and even though Chroma Twist looked more blended in the skein, you can tell that the color differences are there throughout the whole skein. So it doesn’t look like just a grey shawl with two pink stripes in it. I am looking forward to the last part of the shawl because I’m going to be ending with the pink, which makes my symmetrical loving brain very happy even though the shape of the shawl is asymmetrical.

Since I am going to a convention this weekend, I don’t think I’ll have much time to knit on this during the trip. I will be casting on a brand new pair of socks for my fiance to take with me since I won’t need a pattern for those. The trouble is do I wind up one of my variegated Nerd Girl Yarn hanks or do I bring more stripes with Knit Picks Felici?