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Within the last few months, there has been a serious uptick on the amount of sock knitting questions on Ravelry from beginning sock knitters. These questions have ranged anywhere from what size needles to use to what the heck does ease even mean?! So, I decided to break down sock knitting from some sort of mystical knitting accomplishment to something that even a four year old could learn. It really is that easy once you get the hang of it.

I can practically hear you scoff from across the Internet. Kids can’t knit socks, especially not a wild four year old! They are too hard, too complicated for kids to make. The heels! The purling! The fitting! The needles! Much too hard. Blogger, are you on something?

I promise you that knitting socks is not as hard as everyone makes it sound and it does make for a nice portable project that you can just throw in your bag and go without even needing a copy of the pattern to follow directions with. The purpose of the Sock Knitting 101 posts will be to teach you the basics of sock knitting and how to knit top down socks without a pattern. Since these posts will be more involved, they will be updated weekly on Fridays.

I hope these posts will inspire you to try making a pair of socks. Even if sock knitting turns out not to be your thing, I think it is great to try out something new just so you can have the challenge of trying out a new skill.