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Every time I get home from a wool festival I promise myself that I won’t start anything new with any of my brand new goodies until I finish at least one thing that I was working on. Apparently, I don’t stand up well against the temptation of cashmere/silk/merino.

The first thing I did was to locate my Golding spindle and start spinning this little bunch of loveliness. I am hoping to maximize the yardage I get out of this little sample by spinning as fine as I can possibly get it and then two ply it for a (hopefully) lace weight yarn. It has been about a year (maybe two) since I even touched any of my drop spindles, so it is surprising how quickly I picked it back up again. It was like I never stopped spinning on my spindles. The only difference is that I’m a bit better at drafting since I’ve done so much spinning on my wheel.

There was another surprise for me when I got home. I went to pick up my fiance at work and he thrust a box into my hands with a quick “here, I forgot to give you this”. Normally, I remember when I order anything and I normally have it shipped to our apartment. And my fiance also has a bit more of a dramatic flair when he gets me surprise gifts, so I was really confused.

It turns out that my Grandpa was making fishing lures with my brother last week and claimed to have leftover yarn from the lures. So, he sent it up to me since he knows I knit and do all sorts of things with yarn.

I still think he just wanted an excuse to send me some yarn. It is lovely and soft chunky yarn! It is perfect because it is a weight I don’t normally buy myself and I have been wanting to make big, chunky knits. Plus, the yarn is from Bernat and I do enjoy using their yarns to make things. These big skeins are a treat because they are soft right out of the skein even though they are still 100% acrylic. Even though I love wool, I can still enjoy a nice solidly made acrylic yarn.

The only trouble is deciding what I want to make with it. I have been wanting to make a cowl, but how long? Then there is the entrelac, brioche, or chunky stranded color work question. Sometimes, knitters have far too many choices.