Dear New Knitter,

There are a few things that you should know about picking up the needles and learning how to knit. The biggest part of this is about your stash. You might protest and say that you will never have a stash. You will only buy yarn for specific projects you need and you will never have an out of control fiber supply. While that sentiment is admirable, it is also foolish and naive because stash happens when you aren’t looking.

But, that doesn’t mean that you can just neglect your stash and have it run around all willy nilly. There are some rules and regulations to the proper care and feeding of your stash that nobody really tells you. I’ll let you in on a few tips I’ve picked up over the years.

Rule 1: Nobody escapes the stash. There are people out there who claim not to have any stash who still have a box of leftover yarns hidden somewhere out of sight. That is their leftover stash.

Rule 2:  Think carefully about what type of yarn you like working with. In the early stages, keep new types of yarn down to one skein and work small sample projects out of them like hats or cowls. This will let you explore different types of yarn while still keeping any leftovers low.

No day is complete without a new box of #knitpicksfelici

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Rule 3: In order to regulate your stash, you must bring in new recruits every so often. Try to bring in only as many new recruits as your budget will allow. Know the type of project you like and plan accordingly. (My stash is a sock stash)

Rule 4: Try to bring in only as many new recruits that you will knit in a given time period. Try not to stash any more yarn than you can knit in a certain time period. The only exception to this rule is if you are stashing for the future. In that case, try not to stash more than five or six years worth of yarn. It is exhausting trying to carry your stash from one place to the next if you do want to stash for the future.

Rule 5: If overwhelmed, feel free to cull the stash and give away yarn until you are happy with what you have left. Remember, you rule your stash.

New Knitter, I hope you find these rules and tips helpful. Try not to be like me and let your stash beat you up from time to time like it did when it was a baby. If you put a firm foot down on the beginning, then your stash will not rise up to overthrow you. Instead, it will be a solid companion (not unlike a cat) that will keep you knitting happily in lean periods.


MegWesley, serial stasher

PS: Isn’t the box of the new colors of Felici divine? I need to get this sock off the needles before I can dive in and play with them.